Make the Robot Control a Drone


The collaboration between UAV and UGV includes task scheduling and communication. Robot systems which use one or more UGVs and one or more UAVs often use the UAV to assist the ground robot. This work presents a collaborative robot system where the UGV assists an UAV by providing ground view information, e. g. a destination point. In a simple indoor scenario an object should be found by the UGV which is then fetched by the UAV. Similar scenarios are analysed in related works and a concept for a collaborative robot system for autonomous object fetching is proposed. Object detection is done by the UGV with help of squared fiducial markers. The UAV uses the estimated position to fetch the object. For localisation of the UAV a dead reckoning approach is used. Actual gripping of the object is realised with a permanent magnet. Each part of the concept including marker detection, localisation and gripping of an object is tested and evaluated. Tests are done in a simulated and an experimental environment. While marker detection and gripping of an object could be used with small modifications, the dead reckoning approach is only suitable for one movement direction of the drone, e. g. pitch or roll and only for short distances.

Download Thesis

You can download the full submission as PDF file (4 MB) here.