PhD Project Page

David Gollasch, Research Associate @ Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

My goal is to develop an “AAA” – adaptive, accessibly assistance robot to support people with special needs as well as elderly people during their daily life; whether they are at home or in complex public environments.

My goal is to help the Elderly with special needs to stay independent by engineering self-learning assistance robots.

I am constantly working on new features to build up a multi-purpose robot that is able to adapt to the user’s needs and preferences. For getting there, I follow two development paths. First, I am implementing many “function bits” or features for that robot ﹣ similar to building blocks for later task process chains. Second, I am developing a match-making system to construct the named process chains adaptively, based on the user’s needs. The result shall become the final A3Bot system.

I am working with the Segway Robotics Loomo platform. A versatile, affordable, Android-based robot on wheels, which is a self-balancing vehicle at the same time.